The Division of Student Affairs: Vision, Mission and Values


The core objective driving the student affairs vision at Carnegie Mellon Qatar is to create the ideal undergraduate experience where students will be engaged, challenged and supported.


Our mission is founded in our belief in the development of the student across a wide array of content areas from the personal, professional, social, emotional, physical and intellectual. To that end we have in place numerous resources and educational programs to support students in reaching their highest potential and achieving their goals. Our work is underscored by the constant provision of personal care and attention given to each student: this student-centered approach has undoubtedly enriched the student experience and has consequently contributed toward the ideal state that we seek. 

Values that Guide Our Work

  • Integrity
    Aligning our practice with our core values and the ethical principles of our profession
  • Compassion
    Investing in concern for the welfare of others and humanity
  • Inclusivity
    Fostering an environment where all feel welcomed, accepted and respected
  • Dedication
    Demonstrating exceptional commitment to our students and aspiring toward quality work and leadership
  • Responsiveness
    Anticipating and responding to the ever-changing needs of those we serve
  • Collaboration
    Active sharing of talent, resources and time to positively impact the student experience
  • Innovation
    Leading through creative and forward-looking solutions that advance our mission
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