Programs for Secondary Students

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Biotechnology Explorer Program

Your brain is the most complex living structure in the known universe. And we’re only beginning to unlock the mysteries of it. Have you ever wanted to study the brain as a scientist; to understand how the brain’s 100 billion nerve cells (called neurons) work together so you can think, move and respond to the world around you? Students will also learn about the new Biological Sciences program at Carnegie Mellon Qatar.




Have you ever dreamed of designing cool robots?  Are you interested in creating your own robot and using it to compete with other secondary school teams?  Carnegie Mellon Qatar offers students the chance to join the only Botball program outside of the United States and compete with schools from the region.  Gather your team and prepare to build, test and compete with your robots.

* Participation is only for Schools in Qatar



Ibtikar Qatar 

People, Technology, and Process is the formula for innovation in Information Systems (IS). Ibtikar is CMU’s innovation series where students are exposed to the multifaceted discipline of IS. We invite you to attend these workshops and learn more about solving real-world issues through research, technology, creativity, and social science.

Summer College Preview Program

Students in the Summer College Preview Program will take classes in mathematics, English and SAT or ACT preparation, and they will become familiar with university approaches to teaching and learning. Students will learn how to successfully master a university course schedule and workload, enabling them to accept greater responsibility for their own learning. The daily schedule will also include workshops on how to become a master student by learning to set goals, how to manage time effectively and how to be a more competitive candidate in the university admission process. Additionally, students will work on a "hands-on" project in one of the four majors offered at Carnegie Mellon Qatar.


Tajer was designed so students could learn how both product and financial markets work, from personal negotiations and trading experience.


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