Our Vision

Carnegie Mellon University will meet the changing needs of society by building on its traditions of innovation, problem solving, and interdisciplinarity.

Our Mission

  • To create and disseminate knowledge and art through research and creative inquiry, teaching, and learning, and to transfer our intellectual and artistic product to enhance society in meaningful and sustainable ways.
  • To serve our students by teaching them problem solving, leadership and teamwork skills, and the value of a commitment to quality, ethical behavior, and respect for others.
  • To achieve these ends by pursuing the advantages of a diverse and relatively small university community, open to the exchange of ideas, where discovery, creativity, and personal and professional development can flourish.

Our Values

  • Dedication:
    As exemplified by our commitment to the critical issues of society and our uncompromising work ethic.
  • Collaboration:
    As exemplified by our interdisciplinarity, our external partnerships, and our capacity to create new fields of inquiry.
  • Measuring Excellence by Impact:
    As exemplified by our focus on issues critical to regional development, national interest, and global welfare.
  • Entrepreneurship:
    As exemplified by openness to new ideas, prudent use of resources, and readiness to act.
  • Depth driving Breadth:
    As exemplified by our issue‐driven research, our context‐based general education initiatives, and our focus on problem solving and creative production at all levels.
  • Compassion:
    As exemplified by our focus on human welfare, on the betterment of society, and on the personal development of the members of our community.
  • Integrity & Inclusion:
    As exemplified by our attention to the highest ethical standards in all domains, and our commitment to being a community which welcomes talented minds from diverse backgrounds and challenges them individually and collectively to achieve their best.

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