Life in Education City

Your Future Begins Here

It’s a big, diverse community, brimming with energy, enthusiasm and ideas. It’s a close circle of friends and faculty who know you, support you and encourage you to reach your highest potential.

Education City is whatever you choose to make it. But one thing is certain; it’s like no place else on Earth. And from the moment you arrive at Carnegie Mellon in Qatar, you’ll feel a sense of belonging and realize that here, anything is possible.

The World’s Most Innovative University Community

Education City in Doha is one of the world’s first “multiversities,“ a place where you’ll find not just one exceptional university, but six.

Home to 1,300 students — of more than 70 nationalities—Education City offers world-class academic programs on a sprawling, 2,500-acre campus.

An Enclave of Excellence

In addition to Carnegie Mellon, the following renowned institutions are also located in Education City

  • Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts (BFA degrees in Fashion, Graphic, and Interior Design)

  • Weill Cornell Medical College

  • Texas A&M University (engineering)

  • Georgetown University School of Foreign Service

  • Northwestern University (communications and journalism)

When you live in a “multiversity” community devoted to academic excellence, you’ll benefit from an exciting exchange of ideas and perspectives that you simply can’t find on the typical college campus.

To allow you to make the most of this unique environment, you are permitted to cross-register for courses at other Education City campuses.  Carnegie Mellon will accept the grades and credits, as if the class were one of our own.

The Mission of Education City

To effectively prepare academically superior students to assume responsible and high-ranking professional and leadership positions in Qatar and beyond.