Staff Directory

Nada Abdul Khalique
Research Associate, Biological Sciences
Sam Abraham
Manager of Graphic and Multimedia Design
Eleanore Adiong
Special Events Manager, Dean's Office
Shadi Afaneh
Lead Systems Engineer
Muhammad Yousuf Ahmad
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Computer Science
Dina Al Baradee
Benefits and Onboarding Manager
Rana Al Kassem
Project Coordinator II
Mohamed Al Khudari
Mohammed Al Sadi
Teaching Assistant, Information Systems
Nasser Alaeddin
Director, Educational and Media Technologies
Muhammad Fawad Alam
Senior Principal Network Design Engineer
Amna Alzeyara
Research Associate, Computer Science
Fadhel Annan
Assistant Dean, Government and Corporate Affairs
Nahan Arif
Teaching Assistant, Business Administration
Afthab Azeez
Educational Support Specialist, Math
Geetha Balachandran
Assistant to the Program Chair and Program Assistant, General Education
Renee Barcelona
Human Resources Administrative Coordinator
Lubna Barghouti
Associate Director, Admission
Alicia Bates
Student Development Coordinator
Bernadette Bernales
Biology Laboratory Technician
Evangeline Castillo
Library Associate / Acquisitions Coordinator
Fatima Chaudhry
Assistant to the Program Chair and Program Assistant, Information Systems
Manickkavel Chinnadurai
Senior Media Technology Operations Engineer
Qaisar Choudhary
Finance Manager
Lisa Ciletti
Director, Human Resources and Operations
Kevin D'Arco
Director, Student Activities and First Year Programs
Damian Dourado
Director, Pre-College Programs
Marissa Edulan
Marketing and Public Relations Administrative Assistant
Faten El Ayache
Employer Development and Career Consultant
Ahmed El Helali
Senior Systems Engineer
Ettaib El Marabti
Research Associate
Ahmed Emam
Research Associate, Computer Science
Ahron Farabi
Biological Sciences Operations Specialist
Anas Farah
Research Assistant
Vanessa Fernandes
Coordinator of International Programs
Rosemarie Florida
Facilities Operations Administrator
Angela Ford
Communications Manager / Senior Editor
Leah Galit
Enrollment Records Coordinator
Maria Georges
Senior Grants Administrator
Roilan Gonzales
Office Assistant
Preetha Gopinath
Teaching Assistant, Information Systems
Jennifer Gray
Qatar Service Center Specialist
Elissar Hajjar
Facilities Director
Zeeshan Hanif
BA Lab Manager / Teaching Assistant
Shazia Haq
Business Program and Teaching Associate
Syed Mustafa Hasnain
Associate Director, Admission
Stephen Heath
Facilities Manager
Ahmed Husaine
Facilities Housing and Transportation Manager
Abdullah Ibrahim
Facilities Housing and Transportation Coordinator
Naeem Iqbal
Senior Principal Systems Engineer
Enrique Isidro
Mailroom Supervisor
Ikram Issa
Admission Administrative Associate
Edna Jackson
Director, Dean's Office
Aaron Jacobson
Teaching Assistant, History and Writing
Maha Kanso
Research Compliance Coordinator
Maya Kemaldean
Biology Lab Technician
Shamila Khader
Executive Assistant, Dean's Office
Salaha Khan
Sharjeel Khan
Research Assistant
Gloria Khoury
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Deepak Kumar
Research Associate
Devi Kurup
Research Associate
Nancy Lacson
Assistant to the Program Chair and Program Assistant, Computer Science
Edmundo Latayan
Site Services Coordinator
Marie France Libunao
Student Affairs Administrative Coordinator
Stephen MacNeil
Web Manager / Senior Multimedia Designer
Arsal Ismail Malik
Research Associate, Computer Science
Jerome Marella
Senior Principal Information Security Engineer
Stephen McCarty
Director of Safety and Security
Doru Meltei
Principal Media Technology Design Engineer
Mohammed Mirza
Career Development Specialist
Jarrod Mock
Director, Admission
Ezzohra Moufid
Teaching/ Research Assistant
Jeffy Jan Mukkilakath
Business Analyst
Richard Mundy
Chief Operations Officer
Maria Navarro
Laboratory Manager
Afshan Nazir
Dean's Office Administrator
Kara Nesimiuk
Executive Director, Marketing and Public Relations
Tehseen Niaz
Educational Support Specialist, Statistics
Faizan Nihal
Senior Systems Engineer
Shayan NoorMohamed
Finance Manager
Ossama Obeid
Research Associate III, Computer Science
Arun Pandian
Research Associate
Eugenia Pantouvaki
Senior Business Analyst
Laila Rita Pinto
Assistant to the Program Chair and Program Assistant, Business Administration
Vanitha Prabhu
Educational Support Specialist, Math
Kural R. Singaravelu
Building Operations Supervisor
Tariq Rafiq
Director, Project Management Office
Masoomah Rajpurkar
Assistant to the Program Chair and Program Assistant, Business Administration
Dalia Rehal
Director of Student Life
Sheila Rian
Enrollment Services Manager
Hope Rodefer
Director, Academic Resource Center
Meg Rogers
Director, Research Office
Catalina Rojas
Communication Project Manager
Amie Rollins
Director, Health and Wellness
Hosam Rotab
Senior Network Operations Engineer
Hasan Saiyid
Principal Systems Engineer
Mohammad Salameh
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Kranthi Sangishetty
Lead Systems Engineer
Savitha Shantharaj
Assistant to the Program Chair and Program Assistant, Biology
Shaima Sheriff
Library Associate / Facilities Coordinator
Supriya Sinha
Assistant to the Program Chair and Program Assistant, General Education
Nour Tabet
Outreach Coordinator, Computer Science
Sabreen Taha
Assistant Director, Admission
Sannan Tariq
Research Assistant
Kamal Taynaz
Senior Systems Engineer
Tara Tharani
Business Office Coordinator
Mariamma Thomas
Assistant Director, Academic Resource Center
Heiko Topol
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Fabeena Ummer
Library Associate / Administrative Coordinator
Sindu Velsar
Library Associate / Textbooks Coordinator
Feras Villanueva
Manager, Alumni Relations / Media Support
Khalid Sarwar Warraich
Chief Information Officer
Nazim Wedatalla
Employment and Immigration Officer
Wajdi Zaghouani
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Computer Science
Dragisa Zunic
Postdoctoral Research Associate
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