We strongly support cross-registration of branch campus students in our courses. In addition, if students take the courses which, for our students, would constitute a minor in one of our mature degree programs, we can verify that they have met our requirements for a minor in:

  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems

In addition to the minors that are subsets of our degree programs, we can also offer minors in:

  • English Studies
  • History
  • Mathematics

We are very happy to work with other branch campuses to enable their students to earn minors in these areas through appropriate cross-registration. The actual awarding of these minors to non-CMUQ students will be by their home institutions and in accordance with those institutions' rules. Our role will be to verify compliance with our requirements and facilitate the wider propagation of these minors by providing space for your interested students in our courses.

For details on minor requirements, see the undergraduate catalog. For answers to specific questions, contact Selma Limam Mansar, Associate Dean for Education, selmal@andrew.cmu.edu 

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