Education City

Education is the heart of Education City, Qatar Foundation’s flagship project, and delivering the many educational programs in a world-class setting is a priority. By providing its member organizations with state-of-the-art facilities designed by renowned architects, Qatar Foundation enables the universities and organizations to thrive.

Education City

In Education City, Qatar Foundation has created an environment where students are able to learn and grow both inside and outside of the classroom, reaching their fullest potential and playing a pivotal role in the future of Qatar.

Qatar Foundation’s investment in state-of-the-art buildings shows its commitment to the future development and sustainability of Qatar and the Gulf Region. Located on the western edge of Doha, Education City is a campus that spreads over 1,000 hectares or 2,500 acres. The campus houses the majority of Qatar Foundation's member institutions in a set of futuristic buildings designed by some of the world's most renowned architects.

Japanese architect Arata Isozaki conceived of the master plan of the campus, and also designed a number of the existing buildings. Approximately one third of the campus has been completed with the rest due for completion by the end of the decade. In a revision of the original plan, further land has been acquired adjacent to the campus to allow for future development and expansion.

Although Education City is a magnificent architectural project, it has an even more important ambition to restructure society through education, research and community development.

For this reason it can also be seen as a remarkable new concept in social development. It is a network of organizations, each dedicated to pursuing excellence in its areas of specialization. Through multiple links, these member institutions are growing together into an engine that will play a significant role in transforming Qatar into a knowledge-based economy. These Education City members are also interacting in a wide variety of ways with other partners in the country ensuing that Education City becomes totally woven into the fabric of Qatari society.

The Education City campus is also a home for research. New knowledge will be created at universities and other research institutions. Some of this will link with the more commercially oriented research and development being conducted by the tenants of Qatar Science & Technology Park, and may reach the stage of commercialization. This will be the foundation of new, high-technology industries that will help diversify Qatar's economy.The full benefits of education and research can take many years to reach fruition. In the meantime, a range of community outreach programs is helping transform lives in targeted sectors even now.

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