Enterprise Challenge Qatar 2014 Champions!

CMU-Q claimed the first and second prizes at this year's competition. Enterprise Challenge Qatar tests participants’ ability to balance the economic, environmental and social performance of a company, also a Business Simulation element is run, which tests students awareness of general business concepts from inception, to trading, finance, sales, marketing and production.

Impact of CMU-Q’s outreach programs continues to grow

Carnegie Mellon has always taken pride in leading outreach events that positively impact the local community. This tradition continues in Qatar with the steady growth of outreach programs that support the university’s ongoing commitment to the nation’s development.

Apply now for 2015-2016 admission

The university welcomes high achieving students from Qatar and around the world to apply to its highly regarded undergraduate programs. Applicants planning to start university in August 2015 would apply and submit all application requirements by March 1, 2015.

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Computer Science is a pervasive field spanning every aspect of our lives. It is more than the study of computing and what computers can do.

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